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:heart: *~*EQUAL SHIPPING*~* :heart:

I tire of Avatar: The Last Airbender shippers arguing over Zutara and Kataang. As if you can’t like both or, God forbid, like a little polyamory. I started this club because believe it or not there are some of us who like Katara with both Zuko and Aang. We may like one more than the other, or like both equally. Hell, some of us even like Zuko and Aang together on occasion. It’s a big Avatard love sandwich.

:heart: Luffy-Kun
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Gallery Folders

Threesome - OT3
Two roads line art by Fallonkyra
Kataang Or Zutara by ShadowKira
Zutara : Two's Company.... by trishna87
two roads colored by Fallonkyra
Zuko x Katara
Zutara_A cold day of snow by ShiroTenShi-Yuki
Zutara Doodles by sarumanka
Zutara by sarumanka
Zutara - Campfire by sarumanka
Aang x Katara
The Southern Air Temple by littleredridinghood4
Kataang by Agatha-Macpie
The Angel's Miracle- Prize by lightskin
Day #3: The Spark and Confusion by Ramsey-The-Orange
Zuko x Aang
I lost my Honor by Jill92
02. The Avatar Returns by Pugletz
Katara Only
Spirit of the Ocean by Jill92
Katara by RonnieWoods
Little Blue by Ramsey-The-Orange
Fire Lady Katara by Danny-phantom-fan-1
Zuko Only
Fire Lord Zuko by Jill92
Fifty Shades by Drawing-Wiff-Waffles
Zuko. If Fire Didn't Scar. by greenshamrocks
Aang Only
The Boy in the Iceberg by littleredridinghood4
Twinkle Toes by Jill92
Avatar by Jill92
The Last Airbender by Jamin95
Kataang Children
Aang's Sweeties by innocent--angel
I'm Tenzin by zutaraxmylove
Katara and Baby by innocent--angel
Zutara Children
ATLA Couples: Zutara by GoldenValentine
Groups - Friends
Beauty Contest Of 2011 by lordtrigonstar
LOK Crossover
Zutara and Makorra by sarumanka
Stamps - Icons
Zutara still alive by Jill92
Wallpaper - Meme
The Best Couples by Milady666
Animation - Video
Otakon 2012 - Aang and Katara by mugiwaraJM
Comics - Doujinshi
Jinora ships Zutara by thefuzzysweater
Sketch - Doodle
XCF Practice - Air Nomads by crusanite
Zukaang Fanfiction

Rules & Regulations


:bulletblue::bulletorange: *~*ZUTARA & KATAANG*~* :bulletorange::bulletblue:

Welcome to the Zutara and Kataang Group! We are a group dedicated to the Avatar The Last Airbender pairings of Katara and Aang AND Katara and Zuko.

:bulletblue::bulletorange: *~*Rules*~* :bulletorange::bulletblue:

You must support the Aang/Katara and Zuko/Katara coupling
Slash/Femslash are allowed (with Zutara/Kataang focus)
We do allow Zuko/Aang in this group as well
Gender-Bent and Alternate Universe are allowed
Mature Work is allowed
Do not flame any members of deviantART or clubs that do not support the same couple as you.

:bulletblue::bulletorange: *~*Submissions*~* :bulletorange::bulletblue:

Click the “Contribute Art” button at the top of the page.
Select a piece from your gallery to submit.
All artwork must feature the Aang/Katara or Zuko/Katara coupling
Bases and Pixels are allowed with proper credit
Collaboration is perfectly fine with proper credit
Mature Work is accepted
Please make sure you are placing your work into the correct folder

:bulletblue::bulletorange: *~*Joining & Administration*~* :bulletorange::bulletblue:

Click the “Join Group” icon at the top of the page.
Showing Groups: Go to your Homepage. Select Edit Page. Add Widget. Groups.
If you want to be an Administrator, please send a note to the group founder and we will invite you
The Admin Area will be accessible in your account under “Group Messages”
As an admin you may approve artwork and favorites, organize the gallery, and approve memberships








:date:*~*Sister Groups*~* :date:


We will accept any and all affiliates from any fandom, especially groups supporting Avatar The Last Airbender.


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Jose1400 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
Just like in the comic book world, why can't we love both Marvel and DC? It's not that hard
rincloudcake2 Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Zutara is cute but since Aang and Katara are married with kids I think they're cuter together! :D
Chia-sama Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Could we afiliate, please!
Valencha13 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE Zutara an Kataang =D 
and i really like to enter in this group.
I can draw well I think. I speak spanish but I'm atuding English
Ideenkotze Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Student Photographer
nice group!(:
I would love if there was a doujinshi-folder for Aang and Zuko 'fighting' (not real fighting with bending powers, more the human way, you know what I mean?) for Katara, that would be adorable (:

Luffy-Kun-Fiction Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That could go in "Threesome/OT3"
1Foxylady Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
You can most likely put that in the OT3 folder or the Zuko and Aang folder.
Either of those would be fine. :aww:
Ideenkotze Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Photographer
I dont have made any myself, not yet, and I was suggesting it so more people might get inspired and draw some more of that, but it can be put in that folder, it would make much difference anyway(:
juanito316ss Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a question

Why'd people ship Katara with Zuko if it has ALWAYS been obvious they aren't really interested in each other?

Just because Zuko was chasing a boy Katara was travelling with, just to recover his honor he believed to have lost, and used a necklace belonging to Katara to achieve his goal?

I'm sorry, but it just doesn't make sense at all :/
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